Palestinian Cultural Day 2019

Palestinian Cultural Day 2019

We are honored at Tiro Association for Arts to invite you to attend the opening of the 2nd version of Palestinian Cultural Day 2019 on Friday 27 September 2019 at 5:00 PM at the Lebanese National Theater in Tyre.

The festival will be attended by local performances; it will run from September 27 till 30 with daily shows starting from 5:00 PM.

The opening schedule includes: the opening of an exhibition of Palestinian crafts, products and fashion "Mohammed Noah and Adnan Siddiq", Drawing and photography exhibition entitled "Beyond Freedom", film screening about the honorees at the festival, film screening about the writer Salman Natour and show Dabke, folklore and music: Siraj Al A’awda band for folklore , Lyd 's National Song band , Zarif Eltaoul Troupe.

Address: Lebanese National Theater - Tyre - The Port – Near the Court.