• PPAN First Conference 2017

    The Palestinian Performing Arts Network invites to attend its first conference titled:

    "The Impact of Arts on Communities/Societies"

    which will be held on Wednesday 29th November until Friday 1st December, 2017 from 9.30 am to 5.00 pm at the Palestine Red Crescent Society, Al-Bireh.

    The conference will aim to assess the impact of arts as a powerful tool with which to engage communities in various levels of social, political, economic and educational change. The conference will host local, regional and international speakers to share their work and experience in their respective fields.

    Please confirm your attendance no later than Monday, 27th of November 2017 by sending confirmation to or by calling PPAN's office 02-2402289

  • 'The Siege' by The Freedom Theatre performed in Jenin - and in New York!

    April 2002. Spring in Bethlehem. A group of armed Palestinians seek sanctuary in one of the world’s holiest sites as the Israeli army closes in with helicopters, tanks and snipers. Trapped with the fighters are priests, nuns and civilians. While the world is watching, the fighters are presented with an impossible ultimatum: exile from their homeland, or death.

  • The Freedom Theatre performs The Siege in New York in October

    The Siege, one of The Freedom Theatre’s most successful and controversial productions, will be performed at The Jack H. Skirball Center for the Performing Arts, New York City, during October 12-22. The North American premiere of The Siege is produced in association with ArKtype / Thomas O. Kriegsmann and the US-based Friends of the Freedom Theatre. Performance details and tickets.

  • Save ASHTAR Theatre First Palestinian Drama School

    Help the "Save ASHTAR Theatre First Palestinian Drama School" fundraiser reach its goal today!

  • Summer at The Freedom Theatre

    Ramadan has been a busy month at The Freedom Theatre, with a string of cultural events including hip hop, stand-up comedy and film screenings - and now we are shifting into an even higher gear!

    We start off with an intensive training of theatre trainers, among them three generations of graduates of our Theatre School, who will then initiate their own theatre clubs in communities in the northern West Bank. Through the new clubs, young people who otherwise have no access to theatre will get a taste of its magic. All the clubs will work towards presentations that we aim to showcase to the community in a theatre festival next summer.

  • Towards fulfilling the dream of cultural resistence

    Today April 4, is the start of The Freedom Theatre's annual celebration of cultural resistance, in memory of Juliano Mer Khamis. This day has strong symbolical value to us because six years ago, Juliano was assassinated outside The Freedom Theatre by an unknown murderer. Today is also the commemoration of the 2002 Battle of Jenin when our community held against a brutal invasion by the occupation forces.

    The basic principles of The Freedom Theatre include developing awareness and re-imagining reality to create a progressive viewpoint that opposes any attempts to crush people’s dreams or place external conditions on their aspirations.

  • Cultural Resistance through Theatre

    International workshop at The Freedom Theatre, April 2-8, 2017

    Sign up latest March 15 to participate in a one-of-a-kind theatre workshop at The Freedom Theatre!

    The Freedom Theatre is frequently invited to perform and give workshops and presentations around the world. In April, you have the chance to participate in a week-long theatre workshop in our home in Jenin refugee camp!

  • International Women's Day March 8 at The Freedom Theatre

    On International Women's Day, March 8, The Freedom Theatre welcomes you to a joint event by Al Kamandjati Association, Naqsh popular art troupe and The Freedom Theatre in cooperation with the Palestinian Performing Arts Network (PPAN). With theatre, music, film, dance and discussions we will celebrate the achievements of Palestinian women and highlight the many challenges that lie ahead of us on the road to gender equality and women's full participation in all sectors of society.

  • Save the date!

    April events at the freedom theatre

    April is a month with profound meaning for The Freedom Theatre and for Jenin refugee camp.

    In April 2002, during the Battle of Jenin, residents of the camp managed to hold against a large-scale invasion by the Israeli occupation forces, resulting in great losses and large parts of the camp being demolished.

    On April 4, 2011, The Freedom Theatre’s co-founder Juliano Mer Khamis was brutally assassinated while driving out from the theatre. Every year on this day, we honour Juliano’s life, work and legacy while we repeat the demand that those responsible for this crime be brought to justice.

  • Ashtar Theatre Newsletter May-December 2016

    ASHTAR Theatre NewsletterASHTAR Theatre NewsletterASHTAR Theatre Newsletter

  • "Return to Palestine" Returns to Palestine

    February 6-23, the street theatre play Return to Palestine will be toured across the West Bank

    Return to Palestine centres around Jad, a Palestinian born in America, who goes to Palestine for the first time in his life. Wanting to know more about his people and identity, he finds out that reality is very different from what he has seen in the news.

    Return to Palestine is an original production by The Freedom Theatre, directed by Micaela Miranda and performed by an ensemble of graduates of The Freedom Theatre School. It was originally created in 2016, after extensive story-gathering in the communities engaged in The Freedom Theatre’s annual Freedom Ride. The play includes stories from Jenin refugee camp and city, Fasayel, Dheisheh refugee camp, Mufaqara and Gaza.

  • Looking back and leaping forward

    News and updates from The Freedom Theatre in Jenin Refugee Camp

    2016 - our ten-year anniversary - has been an exceptional year for The Freedom Theatre. More than 10,000 children, youth and adults in Jenin refugee camp and across the occupied West Bank have been involved in our workshops, trainings and performances in theatre, photo, film and creative writing. We have initiated several new programs, toured extensively and graduated our third class of full-time acting students after three years of study in acting, devising and cultural resistance. In a community facing multiple layers of oppression and fragmentation, that is no small feat.

  • Could you answer these few questions?

    As a non-profit organisation, The Freedom Theatre relies on the generosity and support of individuals around the world who make it possible for us to offer cultural activities to the children, youth and adults in Jenin refugee camp and beyond.

  • A new journey begins!

    The Freedom Theatre launches training program in erarly childhood education

    After many months of preparation, a new adventure has begun at The Freedom Theatre: a one-year training program in early childhood education, based on a pedagogy of creativity and play!

    The program follows extensive research and involves both Palestinian and international specialists in early childhood education.

  • Save the New Date

    Invitation to the Network meeting of the Palestinian German dialogue about theatre and theatre education, at the 8th of Novembre 2016  in the Dar Al Kalima University College in Bethlehem, Palestine. You are invited.
    We thank the President and the staff of the University College who invited us.

  • Palestine in Focus

    Welcome to events in New York, Washington DC and Berkeley in October where The Freedom Theatre’s work will be displayed through photo, film and talks. The traveling exhibition, Palestine in Focus, displays, for the first time in the U.S, The Freedom Theatre’s reach beyond theater and drama.

  • Palestine in Focus

    "A brilliant presentation today at New York University, one of the best I've heard. Mustafa was so political and so sharp!"

    The Freedom Theatre's US tour is off to a flying start! Catch our multimedia exhibition Palestine in Focus this afternoon at:

  • Diyar Dance Theatre unterwegs mit der Kinderkulturkarawane

    vom 18.09-31.10.2016 in Deutschland und Österreich mit

    Bildnisse der Angst
    Dauer: 45 Minuten

    Die (45-minütige) Bühnenperformance begibt sich auf eine Reise durch die Herzen und Köpfe palästinensischer KünstlerInnen, die ihrer gegenwärtigen Realität entfliehen und sich auf die Suche nach einer lebenswerter Existenz und Identität begeben.

  • "Looting of Paradise" at ASHTAR

    ASHTAR Theatre in cooperation with Al-Harah Theatre invites to attend one of the graduation performances of Al-Harah Performing Arts Training Center - PARC

    Saturday July 30, 2016  at ASHTAR Theatre - 7:00PM

    Tickets: 10 NIS

  • Tourbegleiter/in | Tourmanager/in gesucht

    Die KinderKulturKarawane lädt seit über 17 Jahren jährlich 5 bis 7 Kinder- und Jugendkulturgruppen aus Afrika, Asien und Lateinamerika nach Deutschland, Österreich und Dänemark ein. Diese Gruppen stellen ihre künstlerischen Produktionen in Schulen, Jugend- und Kulturzentren, Theatern, bei Festivals oder anderen Kulturereignissen vor und geben Workshops. Auf diese Weise erzählen sie über ihr Leben, ihre Ängste, Wünsche und Hoffnungen für die Zukunft.

  • Out of the Box Student Theatre Play by Diyar Dance Theatre

    At the 15th July was the opening of Out of the Box theatre play by our theatre students at Diyar Dance Theatre / Diyar Academy for Children and Youth. What was really important is their development since last time they have performed but also their ability to communicate truth to power and hope to despair.

  • On its 25th Anniversary ASHTAR presents ATiYF III

    Tomorrow at the opening ceremony of ASHTAR Theatre International Youth Festival in its 3rd edition, We are celebrating our 25th anniversary this year.

    The Festival will be held between July 11thand the 20th.

    Read more

  • News and updates from The Freedom Theatre in Jenin Refugee Camp

    Join the freedom theatre for another 10 years of cultural resistance!

  • Alibaba & the Forty Thieves

    Puppetry play premier at April 19th at 05:00 pm on Yes theatre stage!


  • Tourbegleiter/in | Tourmanager/in gesucht

    Die KinderKulturKarawane lädt seit über 17 Jahren jährlich 5 bis 7 Kinder- und Jugendkulturgruppen aus Afrika, Asien und Lateinamerika nach Deutschland, Österreich und Dänemark ein. Diese Gruppen stellen ihre künstlerischen Produktionen in Schulen, Jugend- und Kulturzentren, Theatern, bei Festivals oder anderen Kulturereignissen vor und geben Workshops. Auf diese Weise erzählen sie über ihr Leben, ihre Ängste, Wünsche und Hoffnungen für die Zukunft.

  • Theater aus Palästina in Hannover

    vom 13.-17 April im Pavillon Hannover

  • Theater aus Palästina - Neue Nachbarschaften

    Im Rahmen des Palästinensischen Deutschen Dialogs über Theater und Theaterpädagogik besucht das Ashtar Theatre aus Ramallah vom 10. bis 17. April 2016 Hannover und zeigt in der Theaterwerkstatt, im soziokulturellen Pavillon Lister Meile, Aufführungen und bietet Werkstätten zu den Themen Theater der Unterdrückten und Theaterarbeit in Flüchtlingscamps an, auch für interessierte Flüchtlinge.

  • Support the right to education for Palestinian children

    Could you donate to support our school bus?

    In August Israeli Occupation Forces demolished Al Samra school (along with its classroom materials) in the north of the Jordan Valley. The school was built in 2013/14 by Jordan Valley Solidarity (JVS), local Palestinians and international volunteers to provide the children of Khirbeit Samra and the surrounding villages in the Beqaa area with a space for children to practise their right to education.

  • ASHTAR Theatre International Youth Festival (ATiYF) – 3rd edition “Through a Different Lens”

    ASHTAR Theatre’s 4th year students, invite you to try together as youth to change your perspective towards what you see around you from social, political, cultural and intellectual issues.

    "We aim to look - Through a Different Lens - to help ourselves explore and accept each others’ cultures and different views."

  • Help ASHTAR Theatre

    ASHTAR is a dynamic local Palestinian Theatre with a truly progressive global perspective. They aim to promote creativity and commitment for change through a novel combination of specific training and acting programs and services and professional theatre performances.
    Other than working in the two main locations in Ramallah and Gaza, ASHTAR Theatre also trained groups in Jerusalem, Nablus, Hebron, Bethlehem and the Jordan Valley.

    Unfortunately, ASHTAR Theatre is going through critical financial statues due to deteriorated political and economic situation. Help ASHTAR keep its blazing stage by:

  • Join the Freedom Theatre in celebrating 10 years of cultural resistance!

    Over the past decade the freedom theatre has devoted themselves to what the co-founder, the late Juliano Mer Khamis, called the ‘Cultural Intifada’ – a movement that harnesses the force of creativity and artistic expression in the quest for freedom, justice and equality.
    In celebration of the 10-year milestone, the freedom theatre is calling on friends and comrades from around the world to join at The Freedom Theatre in Jenin Refugee Camp and in other key areas of oppression and resistance within occupied Palestine. The common time together will include workshops, performances, cultural activism, networking, discussion forums and much more.

  • Through A Different Lens

    Call for application: ASHTAR Theatre International Youth Festival (ATiYF) 2016

    It is a biennial camp-fest held by ASHTAR Theatre, and organized by ASHTAR Theatre graduates; next year will be the 3rd edition of this camp-fest which targets theatre youth groups/ individuals from around the world between the ages 17 - 24.

    You find more information about the camp-fest in call for participation and application.
    Deadline for applying: 15th of February 2016.

  • Diyar Dance Theatre im Herbst in Deutschland

    Das Diyar Dance Theatre aus Bethlehem wird im Rahmen der KinderKulturKarawane in Deutschland auf Tour sein. Die Gruppe ist für den Herbst 2016 eingeladen.

    Organisatoren, Veranstalter, engagierte Personen und Vereine die Interesse daran haben, die Gruppe für Auftritte und/oder Workshops zu buchen wenden sich bitte an Ewa Stachowicz (Fon: +49 (0)40 39900413 /

  • The Freedom Theatre goes to India!

    In the first ever India-Palestine theatre collaboration, The Freedom Theatre from Jenin refugee camp will join forces with the legendary street theatre group Jana Natya Manch, for a three-month residency in India. Intensive workshops involving The Freedom Theatre’s students and some of India’s foremost theatre experts will result in a unique play, telling stories of freedom and resistance from both nations. This production will go on a ten-city tour of India and later tour Palestine. A book and documentary film will also be made about this historic collaboration.

  • يعلن مسرح عشتار عن فتح باب التسجيل لنادي الدراما لطلبة السنة الأولى


  • يسر مسرح عشتار أن يدعوكم لإحتفالية توقيع كتاب مسرحية "أنا حرة" لفالنتينا أبو عقصة

  • Join the freedom theatre in celebrating 10 years of cultural resistance

    Save the date – because you don’t want to miss this!

    In March and April 2016 The Freedom Theatre will commemorate its ten-year milestone, in honour of Juliano Mer Khamis and his legacy. We are calling on friends and comrades in Palestine and around the world to join us in celebrating the power of creative resistance.

  • Stell dir vor, du wärst im Krieg

    Die Augsburger Allgemeine berichtet in einem Artikel über die Aufführung der "Gaza Monologe" im Rahmen des Augsburger Friedensfestes in der Kresslesmühle.

    Der Bericht ist hier zu finden ->

    Stell dir vor, du wärst im Krieg - weiter lesen auf Augsburger-Allgemeine:
  • Donate a SMILE

    Red Noses Palestine actually initiate an online Donation. If you like to support their work in the next 60 days, click here -> and make a donation.

    Of course the spreading of this information is helpful too. Share the call for donations in a social network of your choice and bring a smile to Red Noses Palestine.

  • Interview with Nabil al Rae Director of Freedom Theatre

    Ylenia Gostoli interviewed Nabil al Raee. You will find the Interview at ->


  • Almidan Theatre zu Gast in Hannover

    Mi 24. Juni 2015 um 19.30 Uhr im Pavillon Hannover

    Schon zweimal nahm das Ensemble am Theatertreffen Arabischer Frühling teil und hat das Publikum begeistert.
    Dieses Mal nehmen sie die Zuschauer mit in ein kleines Dorf in Palästina. Es ist Erntezeit, die Zeit der Feste und Hochzeiten. Doch plötzlich wird das Leben unruhig, etwas liegt in der Luft.

  • Forget the Border

    Forget the Border

  • Launch of the Palestinian Performing Arts Network

    Launch of the Palestinian Performing Arts Network

  • Meet and visit ASHTAR in Hannover

    Freitag 29. Mai 2015 um 20:00 Uhr Ballhof Café – Hannover

    Für die nächsten 2 Monate hat das Schauspielhaus dank eines Stipendiums vom IFA Lamis Shaladeh vom Ashtartheater in Ramallah als Praktikantin zu Gast.

    Am 29.5. um 20 Uhr im Ballhofcafé wird sie einen Einblick in die Theaterarbeit des Ashtar-Theaters geben, das durch seine GAZA-Monologe weltberühmt geworden ist, und das kürzlich zu Gast in Hannover war.

  • The Siege - uncomfortable, heartbreaking, brilliant!

    "Whoever believes that theatre is a dead art form needs to see The Siege.” Joe Gill, Middle East Eye

    The Siege by Palestinian The Freedom Theatre has received exceptional reviews during the first part of its UK tour, which included a sold-out run at the Battersea Arts Centre in London.

  • François Abu Salem Symposium

    Defining Palestinian Contemporary Theatre today: issues, practices and challenges

    Fonds d’Alembert 2015 - 27, 28, 29th Oct. 2015
    Deadline for sending abstracts: 15/06/2015
    Deadline for sending full papers: 30/09/2015

    Working on Palestinian theatre is complex and it leaves a wide range of research opportunities open in an under researched file of study.

  • Fach-Kolloquium „Welches Theater braucht die Schule?“

    am 18. Juni 2015, ab 14 – 18.00 Uhr, Mosaiksaal im Neuen Rathaus, Trammplatz 2
    In Zusammenarbeit mit der Leibniz Universität Hannover
    Expertinnen und Experten aus den Bereichen Ausbildung, Wirkungsforschung, Schulentwicklung und Schultheaterpraxis reflektieren im Rahmen des Schultheaterfestivals Jugend spielt für Jugend die Frage einer gelungenen Partnerschaft von Theater und Schule.

  • Palestinian-German Dialogue between theatre and theatre pedagogues continues

    Between May, 9th and 16th 2015 the Palestinian-German Network Mashrah Theatre. Net met in Ramallah and Bethlehem to exchange views and experiences on theatre and theatre pedagogic in Germany and Palestine and promote mutual projects like co-productions, symposia, exchanges of students, pupils and teachers as well as guest performances.

  • Mustafa Sheta and his brother still arrested

    Two months have now passed since the board member of Freedom Theatre Mustafa Sheta was taken from his home in the middle of the night by Israeli occupation forces. His younger brother has also been arrested. Mustafa has yet to be put on trial. Out of concern for Mustafa's welfare his lawyer and family have chosen not to make what information is available about the case public.

    Read this information at Freedom Theatre or on Facebook


  • Registrieren. Spenden. Über ein Dankeschön freuen!

    Seit 16 Jahren lädt die KinderKulturKarawane junge Künstlergruppen aus Afrika, Asien und Lateinamerika zu einer Tour nach Europa ein. Die Jugendlichen stammen aus randständigen Verhältnissen und gewinnen über die künstlerische Arbeit Selbstbewusstsein und neue Perspektiven. Sie zeigen hier ihr künstlerisches Schaffen (Theater, Tanz, Musik, Zirkus) und geben Workshops für Gleichaltrige. Die Begeisterung bei den Kindern und Jugendlichen hier, bei lokalen VeranstalterInnen, LehrerInnen und bei den Projekten selbst ist riesig.

  • ASHTAR's Fifth International Theatre of The Oppressed Festival Closing Ceremony

    ASHTAR For Theatre Production and Training in cooperation
    with Yabous Cultural center and El Hakawati Theatre
    Invites you to the closing ceremony of
    ASHTAR's Fifth International Theatre Of The Oppressed Festival
    "Together For Dignified Life"

    The Closing Performance

     “Women’s School” by Madalena – Berlin/Germany

    Saturday 16th of May 7:00 pm at El Hakawati Theatre- Jerusalem


  • The Siege UK tour begins!

    "Palestinian voices not only have a right to be heard, we have duty to listen to them." Mark Thomas, comedian

    At May 13, The Freedom Theatre from Jenin Refugee Camp in occupied Palestine begins its first-ever tour of Britain! The Siege opens at The Lowry in Manchester tonight. All tour dates and details here.

  • The Freedom Theatre embarks on UK tour with The Siege

    "It is very exciting to welcome The Freedom Theatre’s tour of their new play ‘The Siege’ to Britain. This is real political theatre, performed out of the both terrible and inspiring experience of a struggle for freedom and justice. They are living proof that telling stories and entertaining audiences are powerful acts of resistance to oppression. Do go and see them, they have news for us. This little theatre could change the world.” Howard Brenton, playwright

  • ASHTAR’s Fifth Theatre of The Oppressed Festival opening ceremony

    ASHTAR Theatre cordially invites you to
    ASHTAR’s Fifth Theatre of The Oppressed Festival opening ceremony
    Thursday 30/4/2015, 7:00 pm at ASHTAR Theatre
    The Forum Theatre Play “Al Merya’a Wal-Qourqa’a” will be performed

  • Theater of the Oppressed JOKERS Conference 2015

    Call for participation
    Theater of the Oppressed JOKERS Conference 2015
    Theatre of the Oppressed Festival 2015, ASHTAR Theatre, Ramallah Palestine


    Title of Conference


    “The Joker is the ‘midwife’, assisting in the birth of all ideas, of all actions!”

    Augusto Boal

  • The Freedom Theatre Board member taken by Israeli army

    Mustafa Sheta, secretary of the board of The Freedom Theatre, was taken from his home by Israeli soldiers in the early hours of March 19. Sheta, 35 years old and father of three children, is a researcher and a journalist who is well-known for his social and humanitarian activism.

  • Call for Papers & Projects | INTERVENTIONEN - Refugees in Art & Education

    INTERVENTIONEN ist eine dreitägige Veranstaltung, organisiert von der Abteilung Kulturelle Bildung bei der Kulturprojekte Berlin GmbH. Vom 11. bis 13. Juni 2015 begegnen sich AkteurInnen mit und ohne Fluchthintergrund aus ganz Deutschland und arbeiten an zukunftsfähi­gen Perspektiven von Kultureller Bildungsarbeit mit Geflüchteten im Kontext von Willkommensklassen, Geflüchteten-Unterkünften und -Initiativen, Kultur­einrichtungen oder Verwaltungen.

  • World Theatre Day 2015

    "The true masters of the theater are most easily found far from the stage. And they generally have no interest in theater as a machine for replication conventions and reproducing clichés.

  • B-Orders touring Germany, Palestine & Brazil :)

    Logo - Palestinian Circus School

  • Save the Date! April 4, Juliano Memorial and Celebration of Cultural Resistance

    April 4, 2015
    At 12:00-17:00

    The Freedom Theatre
    Jenin Refugee Camp

  • The International Children and Youth Theater Festival

    Al-Harah Theater opens the call to theater groups and companies to participate in The International Children and Youth Theater Festival “Yalla Yalla” between the 20th and the 30th of October, 2015 in Bethlehem – Palestine.

  • The International Palestinian Festival of children theater 2015 Goal

    For the first time in Palestine, the International Palestinian Festival of Children’s Theatre will gather more than 20 Children Theater groups in Bethlehem to raise their vision, under the theme “Ensemble” an official event will be held by Inad Center for Theater and Arts in cooperation with the Palestinian Ministry of Culture.

  • Join the 2015 Freedom Ride!

    From 18th to 30th March 2015, students, artists and activists from across Palestine and abroad will join residents in some of the key sites of oppression and resistance in occupied Palestine. The Freedom Ride will start in Jenin and end in Jerusalem. The ride will include volunteer work, walks, interactive workshops and cultural events.

  • Christmas Greetings

    The team of the Palestinian German Diologue about Theatre and Theatre Pedagogique
    Wish you
    Merry Christmas
    And the very best wishes for a good peaceful 2015
    We hope to meet you next year!
    Klaus Hoffmann, Andreas Poppe, Christian Prunczak

  • International Festival "Let's Unite for a Dignified Life"

    International Theatre Festival - Theatre of the Oppressed 2015

  • Suicide Note from Palestine

    Online streams on December 20 & 21

    A violent Israeli attack on the Gaza strip is projected on numerous TV screens. Amidst the chaos of screaming sirens and shelling, Amal, embodying her own country, Palestine, is lying in a hospital bed in the middle of the stage. Her heartbeat has stopped and medical staff wearing white, UN-marked coats are trying to resurrect her. Amal has decided to die as a political act.

  • It's the holiday season!

    This holiday season, you can be part of spreading the magic of theatre to a new generation of Palestinian refugees. How?

    Read more

  • Join the 2015 Freedom Ride!

    During March 19-30, 2015, people from across Palestine and abroad will join communities in marginalized areas of the occupied West Bank, in a solidarity ride that will include volunteer work, guided walks, interactive workshops and cultural events. Through Playback Theatre, community members will share personal accounts about the realities of life and struggle under military occupation and structural apartheid.

  • Tamer from ASHTAR Theatre is finally back home

    After almost one month of waiting in Hamburg and Cairo the member of Ashtar Theatre was able to get into Gaza through Rafa’s boarder.

    Thanks to all who supported Tamer in this time!

  • Atuwani

    New play tours the West Bank

    Following the success of Our Sign is the Stone, The Freedom Theatre returns to Area C to document the life and resistance of people in Atuwani in the South Hebron Hills.

  • Askadinya

    New play on gender-based violence

    "All the stories we heard were of violence, of the land and of the occupation and how we oppress each other – like a pyramid with the few and powerful on top, and people on every level toward the bottom are kicking downwards."

  • News from Tamer

    Tamer is still in Hamburg, even he wants really to be back home in Gaza. He is living in a single room in the youth hostel directly close to the harbour in Hamburg, which is paid by KinderKulturKarawane.

  • Member of Ashtar Theatre rejected at egyptian border

    ASHTAR Theatre youth group is back after a successful tour in Germany with The Gaza Monologues which lasted 40 days with Kinder Kultur Karawane in different cities in Germany and Vienna.

  • Askadinya

    New play on gender-based violence

    "All the stories we heard were of violence, of the land and of the occupation and how we oppress each other – like a pyramid with the few and powerful on top, and people on every level toward the bottom are kicking downwards."

  • The Freedom Theatre visits USA

    In November, The Freedom Theatre from Jenin Refugee Camp, occupied Palestine, is coming to New York, Dearborn/Detroit and the Bay Area. Nabil Al-Raee, Artistic Director, and Alia Alrosan, Theatre School student, will participate in a range of meetings and events.

  • Buchreise Herbst 2014

    Liebe Freunde,

    Salaam aus Bethlehem. Diese Woche und rechtzeitig zur Frankfurter Buchmesse ist die deutsche Ausgabe meines neuesten Buches beim Guetersloher Verlag erschienen unter dem Titel „Glaube unter imperialer Macht: Eine palaestinensische Theologie der Hoffnung.“  Aus diesem Anlass plane ich im Oktober und November eine Buchreise, wo ich mein neuestes Buch presentieren werde. So sehen die Termine aus.

  • Einladung zum Bundestreffen Jugendclubs an Theatern

    Liebe Freundinnen und Freunde,

    wir freuen uns im Rahmen des Bundestreffens Jugendclubs an Theatern auch eine Gruppe aus Palästina präsentieren zu können.

    Das Ashtar Theater in Ramallah entsendet die Jugendlichen Spieler mit den weltweit bekannten GAZA-Monologen.

  • Die Gaza Monologe in Hannover und Düsseldorf

    Die Realität der palestinensisch-israelischen Auseinandersetzung auf der Bühne. Am Sonntag 26.10 um 19.30 Uhr sind die Gaza Monologe in Hannover im Ballhof 2 für zu sehen.

    Karten vorbestellen für die "Gaza Monologe" in Hannover

    In Düsseldorf gibt es 3 Aufführungen des Ashtar-Theatre am 29. und 30.10.2014:

    Karten vorbestellen für die "Gaza Monologe" in Düsseldorf

  • Gaza Monologe als Hörspiel im Deutschlandradio

    Am 22.10. werden die Gaza Monologe als Hörspiel im Deutschlandradio ausgestrahlt. Im Anschluss gibt es noch ein Interview, das vor kurzem in Berlin mit Iman Aoun geführt wurde. Einschalten!

    Weiterlesen auf Deutschlandradio Kultur: "Gaza Monologe als Hörspiel im Deutschlandradio"

  • ASHTAR-Theatre am 31.10.2014 in Hamburg

    Seit 15 Jahren schafft die KinderKulturKarawane kreative Freiräume für junge Menschen aus unterschiedlichen Kulturen. Für Tanz, Theater, Zirkus und Musik auf höchstem Niveau bietet sie jedes Jahr aufs Neue in Deutschland und in Europa eine BÜHNE FÜR DIE JUGEND DER WELT.

  • Theaterarbeit im Westjordanland

    "Israels Besatzung prägt auch Theater in Palästina" - Interview mit dem Leiter des Jungen Schauspiels Hannover, Florian Fiedler, in der Hannoverschen Allgemeinen Zeitung vom 23.09.2014

    Weiterlesen: "Theaterarbeit im Westjordanland"

  • “The Gaza Mono-logues” Tour in Germany

    In partnership with Kinder Kultur Karawane/ Germany, ASHTAR Theatre will tour with “The Gaza Mono-logues” in the month of October 2014.

  • Benefizauktion: „Closer to Gaza“

    Ai Weiwei und andere internationale Künstler spenden Werke zugunsten der medico-Partner Ärzte für Menschenrechte – Israel und Palestinian Medical Relief Society

    180 Künstler, unter ihnen Ai Weiwei,  Jimmie Durham, Kerstin Brätsch, Mona Hatoum, Richard Deacon, Shannon Bool, Thomas Bayrle, Wilhelm Sasnal und Yael Bartana haben für die Benefizauktion „Closer to Gaza“ eigene Werke gestiftet. Mit der Benefizauktion verleihen die Künstler ihrer Unterstützung für die Menschen in Gaza und gegen die fortwährende Besatzung der Palästinensergebiete Ausdruck.

  • Interview mit Iman Aoun vom Ashtar Theater

    Der Journalist Herwig Lewy führte ein Interview mit Iman Aoun über ihre Arbeit am Ashtar Theater. Das Interview ist hier zu finden ->

  • Solidarity with Gaza

    Statement by Palestinian performing art organizations

    We, cultural workers representing the majority of Palestinian performing art organizations, condemn the current Israeli attack and aggression on Gaza, and the indiscriminate killing and maiming of mainly civilians, among them many children and women.

  • Klaus Hoffmann erhielt einen Preis für seine Lebensleistung in der Türkei

    Bei ihrem internationalen Kongress an der Universität Mugla, in der Nähe von Bodrum in der Türkei, verlieh die „Gesellschaft für kreatives Drama“ in der Türkei dem Theaterwissenschaftler und –pädagogen Klaus Hoffmann, Ehrenvorsitzender der Bundesarbeitsgemeinschaft Spiel und Theater, den „Lifetime Achievement Award“ für die Realisierung vieler internationaler Projekte, die der Entwicklung von kreativem Drama, dem Spiel und der Theaterpädagogik dienten und türkische Experten qualifizierten, die Theaterpädagogik im Theater ,in der Bildung und im sozialen Leben zu verbreiten.

  • Sign the Declaration for the inclusion of culture in the UN Sustainable Development Goals Post-2015. And spread the word.

    The word ‘culture’ was completely absent from the ‘Millennium Development Goals’ adopted by the UN in 2000.

    No one doubts great progress has been achieved. However, time and again, we have seen development initiatives hindered or prove unsustainable due to a lack of recognition and respect for local cultures.

  • World Theatre Day 2014 - Brett Bailey’s Message

    Wherever there is human society, the irrepressible Spirit of Performance manifests. Under trees in tiny villages, and on high tech stages in global metropolis; in school halls and in fields and in temples; in slums, in urban plazas, community centres and inner-city basements, people are drawn together to commune in the ephemeral theatrical worlds that we create to express our human complexity, our diversity, our vulnerability, in living flesh, and breath, and voice.

  • Join the 2014 March Freedom Ride!

    - Resisting Israel’s ethnic cleansing campaign in Area C -
    Stand on the right side of history. Join the 2014 March Freedom Ride and add your voice to the global campaign to end Israeli apartheid and colonialism.

    During March 17 to 29, 2014, you are invited to join people from around the world and across occupied Palestine on a historic Freedom Ride in the Jordan Valley and South Hebron Hills. The March Freedom Ride will include interactive cultural events, workshops and guided walks. In communities subjected to home demolitions and settler violence, we will also engage in reconstruction work and protective presence activity.

  • Magic Note - it's time to book your seat!

    Music City is a beautiful place where everyone spends their days playing music and dancing. Each year the King organizes a big music festival, inviting musicians from all over the world to perform. But this year things starts to go wrong: the people who have spent all their life dancing and playing music have not worked, the children have not gone to school and the fields have not been tended to and thus yield no crops.

  • Projekt «Die Gaza Monologe»

    «Wisst ihr, dieses Land ekelt mich an, obwohl ich es liebe.» Tamer aus Gaza

    Die Gaza Monologe in Bern
    31 Jungen und Mädchen im Alter zwischen 13 und 17 Jahren haben dieses Stück geschrieben, doch keiner von ihnen wird zur Aufführung ihrer Texte kommen können. Sie alle leben im Gazastreifen, jener Krisenregion zwischen Israel und Ägypten, deren Einwohner seit Jahrzehnten unter der anhaltenden Abriegelung leiden.

  • Amandla! Freedom Theatre tribute to Mandela

    The Freedom Theatre performs The Island in São Paulo, Brazil, on December 7 and 8

    Freedom TheatreThe world mourns one of its greatest heroes, Nelson Mandela. A true freedom fighter has ended his struggle but his legacy will forever be in the hearts of millions across the world. In Palestine, Mandela is known as a brother, a friend and an inspiration.

    "We know too well that our freedom is incomplete without the freedom of the Palestinians"  Nelson Mandela
  • Ashtar Theatre aus Ramallah bei der Kinderkulturkarawane

    Liebe Freundinnen und Freunde der KinderKulturKarawane,
    liebe Kolleginnen und Kollegen,
    sehr geehrte Damen und Herren,

    ja, es wird tatsächlich die 15. KinderKulturKarawane sein, die 2014 „über die Bühne geht“. Das werden wir zum Ende hin auch gebührend feiern!

  • “Bye Bye Gillo”

    Dear Friends of Al Harah Theater, you are proudly invited you to attend the play

    “Bye Bye Gillo”

  • Ibn Rushd Award 2013 goes to Palestinian Singer-Songwriter

    The Ibn Rushd Fund for Freedom of Thought is delighted to declare the singer-songwriter Rim Banna the winner of the 15th Ibn Rushd Award. Since 1998, the Ibn Rushd Fund has honoured people or organizations that have rendered outstanding services to freedom of thought in the Arab World. The award will be presented on November 15, 2013 in the Museum for Islamic Art, Berlin, Germany.

  • Aktionsplan 2013

    Deutsch-palästinensischer Expertendialog mit der Dar Al-Kalima Hochschule Bethlehem, Palästina

     1.    Kulturdialog                        

    Produktion eines Jugendtheaterstücks durch Studierende beider Studiengänge mit anschließender Tournee durch Deutschland und Palästina.