Premiere: The Journey of the Others

At The Freedom Theatre in Jenin refugee camp, the next Palestinian Intifada is brewing. A group of brave theatre actors risk their lives every day to fulfill a dream they are not willing to abandon; to show their play in New York.

The Journey of the Others
Directed by: Jaime Villarreal
Produced by: Benjamín Vicuña - Main Theme by: Roger Waters
Documentary- 2019 English & Arabic-English sub - 74 min

Screening in the presence of its director

The Freedom Theater & ALTO ANDES FILMS in cooperation with POUSTA & OPERA from Chile …  invite you to attend the premiere this coming Wednesday 3rd April at Al-Kasaba Theatre and Cinematheque in Ramallah @ 7pm.
Tickets: 10 NIS / $3

The film has been beautifully created by Jaime and his team which follows the journey of artist from Jenin and their part in the cultural resistance movement that is providing a voice to Palestinians against their daily struggles. It highlights their dreams and achievements, with a particular emphasis on the tour of TFT's production of 'The Siege' in the US at the end of 2017.

The Journey of the Others will be presented in Jenin camp on 10th April during the anniversary festival which kicks off next week!
 ... Soon in Nazareth