Empowering the Next Generation of Creative Leaders in Gaza

Empowering the Next Generation of Creative Leaders in Gaza 

Orientation began this week for students taking classes through the new Dar al-Kalima University College of Arts and Culture program in Gaza. DAK will offer two initial courses in Principles of Design and Digital Photography. 42 students are registered for the classes.

The project, Empowering the Next Generation of Creative Leaders in Gaza, began in August with the specific objectives of enhancing the skills of artists in Gaza, improving the livelihood of artists, and recognizing exceptional artists through local awards. This year, 64% of the submissions to the annual Karimeh Abbud Photography Award at Dar al-Kalima came from artists in Gaza. The fourth place winner, shown above, was taken by Humam Alnazli of Gaza. Besides the courses, the project also plans to host an annual entrepreneurship workshop for artists to help them build their own businesses or create opportunities to sell their products. Ghada Araj, leader of the project, said the hope for this program is not necessarily to offer B.A. or diploma programs, but provide specialized courses for training Gazan artists in skills that will be useful for them in the creation and dissemination of their art. In the midst of continuous blockage in Gaza, there is much potential and talent to be unlocked. “It’s an opportunity for Gazans to be part of the cultural scene in Palestine,” Araj said.

“Training opportunities may not be as available in Gaza for artists as they are in the West Bank, so it is always valuable to have specialized art courses led by professionals in Gaza.”


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