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Tanztheater Diyar

diyar dance logoThe Diyar Consortium is a group of Lutheran-based, ecumenically-oriented institutions serving the whole Palestinian community "from the womb to the tomb", with an emphasis on children, youth, women & elders. Focusing on community building, development and outreach, Diyar implements contextual and holistic programs that support the civic, cultural, psychosocial, physical, educational, and spiritual wellbeing of the community.

Diyar is the umbrella organization to which the Dar al-Kalima Health and Wellness Center, the International Center of Bethlehem (Dar Annadwa), and Dar al- Kalima College belong.

In a context of too much politics, Diyar believes in caring for the polis/city.
In a context of exclusive forms of religion,
Diyar believes in investing in culture of inclusion.
In a context of too much disempowering aid,
Diyar believes in empowering the individual and the community.
In a context of too much segregation, Diyar believes in building bridges and platforms for intercultural dialogue.
In a context of despair, Diyar believes in creating room for hope.