A Skate Play in Palestine


We’re excited to announce the joint production of a skate play in Palestine with Eyes Up Here Productions LLC from the US and The Freedom Theatre.

This unprecedented theatrical experience aims to socially engage youth in public skateparks worldwide. Currently, the team are in Jayyous, Palestine rehearsing and hope to showcase this original skate-theatre production by providing a playful, innovative platform for community-based creative exploration for the local youth.

A skate play tells a story of freedom and explores its meaning through a unique and interesting experience that brings together the art of skating, storytelling and interactive theatre. The show will discuss issues around today's youth, their aspirations whilst urging them to express themselves in an open and public space.

Performance dates:
Monday 8/10/2018
Tuesday 9/10/2018
Wednesday 10/10/2018
Thursday 11/10/2018
Friday 12/10/2018

Directed by Noelle Ghoussaini (USA) and co-directed by Faisal Abualheja (Jenin, Palestine). The rest of the team have travelled from the US with local actors and support team from Palestine who are taking part in this exciting project which opens next week!

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