US Too ... Women of Palestine

The Freedom Theatre, in collaboration with Mustakbalna (Our Future), is thrilled to present

Us Too … Women of Palestine

An original production and urgent protest inspired by Aeschylus’s play “The Suppliant Women” and performed by women from across Palestine involved with Interpeace’s programme in Palestine, and hoping to pursue theatre school.

Taking refuge in a holy place, asking God and the citizens of the city to grant them asylum, these women are running not from war, or famine or occupation, but from men.

Directed by Zoe Delemere Lafferty and Ahmed Tobasi with an all-female cast, this production is a juxtaposition of the original text, as well as powerful personal stories of harassment, fights to be educated, a choice in marriage, and dreams of determining their own futures.

We would like to formally invite you to our Ramallah show, which will be performed at Ashtar for Theatre Production and Training, January 19 at 12pm.

Please feel free to share our event! We hope to get the word out to a wide, diverse community.

For more information, you can find our Facebook event here: