Diyar Dance Theatre in Dubai (March 12 - March 18)

Diyar Dance Theatre will be performing its latest production “Out of Place” at “This is Palestine” cultural week in Dubai on Friday March 14th 2014 at 7.30 PM. This is Palestine aims to promote a different image of Palestine which has been distorted by media outlets.

 THIS IS PALESTINE is the one of the biggest Palestinian cultural events ever staged. Through hip hop, poetry, comedy, theatre, music, and a week-long exhibition of first-class art and design, This is Palestine will show you a side of Palestine you’ve rarely seen before.

Overview: This ist Palestine - A Cultural WeekFrom March 12-19, 2014, as part of Dubai Art Week, more than 200 works of visual art and design will be on display and up for sale at Dubai’s Meydan Imax Theatre. First and foremost is Jamal Al-Mahamel (“Camel of Burdens”), one of the most iconic paintings in the Arab world, which will be put up for auction at the end of the festival. You’ll also have a chance to buy your own piece of Palestinian-designed jewellery, furniture or fashion. Our exciting programme features a different set of performers and award-winning feature films every night of the week.

The world has heard enough narratives of Palestine as a place of violence, occupation and victimhood. It’s time we recognize its amazing creativity and achievement. Join us as we celebrate a different side of Palestine!

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