Diyar Dance Theatre

Out of the Box Student Theatre Play by Diyar Dance Theatre

At the 15th July was the opening of Out of the Box theatre play by our theatre students at Diyar Dance Theatre / Diyar Academy for Children and Youth. What was really important is their development since last time they have performed but also their ability to communicate truth to power and hope to despair.

Out of the Box Student Theatre Play by Diyar Dance Theatre

They were able to shed light on our own issues as individuals, society and people living under occupation. The students didn’t just use theatre as a tool to tell their story, they provocatively made us smile, cry and think at many moments using their talent, enthusiasm and creativity. I personally was happy to witness the impact our theatre has on young people turning them from spectators into proactive speakers of causes that are important to them and us.

Silencing the youth in Palestine by building up oppression in their characters is a major concern to all of us, however it is obvious that through collective artistic expressions we can free the minds, that is very critical in times of hopelessness and despair.

Please find the following link to give you a little observation on the student theatre performance