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Logo Dar al Kalima CollegeDrama & Theatre Performance Program at Dar Al-Kalima University College for Arts & Culture was founded during the academic year 2011/2012 under the umbrella of Performing Arts Department. This program is the first program in Drama in Palestine that has been accredited by the Palestinian Ministry of Higher Education. Ten (10) students were accepted in 2011 and five (5) of them graduated in September 2013. 

Using scientific studies to but a curriculum that has both practical and theoretical dimensions, students study the basics and the methods in Drama of different schools. This helps the student to develop knowledge and experience in Drama & Theatre Performance. A drama graduate can work in all aspects of Drama such as acting, directing, or teaching Drama in schools and cultural centers.

During this time the Department built good relations with the other Palestinian Theatres, such as Ashtar Theatre in Ramallah, Al-Huriya in Jenin and Yes in Hebron.  Bridges were also built with international theatres through a partnership with German Theaters, especially the Drama Program at Osnabruck University in Germany - Lingin, where a network was established to bring the Palestinian and German Theatres together, either through holding conferences and workshops in Palestine and Germany, or through German-Palestinian student exchange. This exchange resulted in a joint German-Palestinian play which was performed in Bethlehem, Ramallah

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