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Yes Theater

Logo Yes-Theater HebronYes Theatre works to motivate, develop and promote local potentials in an innovation and creative way through artistic performances, drama workshops, capacity building and cultural exchange activities, projects and programs.


Inspiring Palestine.


Yes Theatre:

  • Recognizes the critical leadership role that theatre must play in shifting the society towards social change and development.
  • Embraced the ideals of peace and justice, extolling the human rights call for full equity with respect to freedom of expression, social and economic class, political perspective, gender, sexual orientation, and people with disabilities.
  • Engages in movement building to effect systemic, sustainable progressive change.
  • Envisions a caring and balanced society that is built upon the principles of democracy, generosity, diversity, trust, mutual respect, and health and wellness communities and environment.
  • Commits to the inclusion of diverse voices and interconnectedness as essential building blocks of a progressive agenda.
  • Believes in a more equitable distribution of wealth, increased power and civic engagement for marginalized groups, and shared public responsibility to provide services for those who are struggling.
  • Values education, creative thinking, development, action and community building.

About Yes Theatre

Yes Theatre (YT) works in Hebron governorate -Palestine, in particular, and in other Palestinian governorates since its inception in 2008, Yes Theatre aims at creating a generation that is aware of the significance of theatre and its positive effects on the individual and society. Yes Theatre’s core programmes include plays for adults, youngsters and kids. In addition to that, YT offers trainings for teachers and school counsellors to use drama, storytelling, acting and other methods in teaching and dealing with students at schools, besides YT’s projects such as Kids4Kids, Play4Kids, drama workshops, puppet workshops, Yes4Youth Training Programme, and Yes4Future.

Most of Yes Theatre activities are implemented through cooperation with the Palestinian Ministry of Education, UNRWA, and other governmental and non-governmental organizations.

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