Land ohne Worte

Play at Ashtar Theater at 27th April 2016.

War meets art in this intimate parable. The one-woman drama investigates the role of those watching at a distance in times of war and whether the value of art is obliterated by a brutal reality. A writer struggles to find words for her thoughts and feelings and takes on the role of a painter. The painter seeks the perfect image, but in K., a middle eastern city, she experiences the effects of war, violence and poverty, impossible to depict. Now she is forced to confront her lifelong beliefs in the value of art, and how to deal with her position in the world today.

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Three Productions for ASHTAR in Germany

ASHTAR Theatre’s artistic team is preparing for a tour in Germany between the 6th and the 20th April 2016. The tour includes three different productions, “48 Minutes for Palestine”, “The Gaza Monologues”, and “The Syrian Monologues”, the performances will be held in three cities in Germany, Lingen, Hannover, and Berlin.

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Ashtar Newsletter

ASHTAR Theatre participates in TAMAM’s master class at Avignon Festival
Rana Burqan, ASHTAR graduate, participated in the first master class of TAMAM Association as part of Avignon Festival – France in July 2015. The master class focused on watching 20 different performances at the festival, discussing them and writing critical articles about them. In addition to Palestine, the countries that participated in the master class were: France, Oman, Syria and Lebanon. The master class was led by the Syrian journalist and actor George Da’boul.

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Statement by the Palestinian Performing Arts Network

The  Palestinian Performing Arts Network (PAN) published a statement about the actual development in Israel/Palestine.

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Ashtar Theatre Newsletter May 2015

Newsletter May 2015ASHTAR Theatre successfully completes The Fifth Edition of the Theatre of the Oppressed Festival with the performance “Women’s School” from Germany

The Festival’s activities were launched at the end of April under the title “Together for a Dignified Life”.

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Al Mirya’ Wal-Qurqa’

“Al Mirya’ Wal-Qurqa’ ” is a Forum play created upon a field research conducted by members of the production team with governmental, private organizations and Palestinian farmers.

This theatre piece sheds light on important issues, and urgent folders in the field of agriculture, and the various obstacles the Palestinian farmers face. The play aspires to stimulate the audience to think of their responsibilities towards the agricultural sector.

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Palestinian Cultural Day 2019

Palestinian Cultural Day 2019

We are honored at Tiro Association for Arts to invite you to attend the opening of the 2nd version of Palestinian Cultural Day 2019 on Friday 27 September 2019 at 5:00 PM at the Lebanese National Theater in Tyre.

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Overview of Ashtar Theatre activities during 2014

Drama Training Program
An ongoing program whereby school students study acting for three years. In Partnership with UNICEF the program in 2014 reached 120 students aged 14 to 18 covering Gaza, Jerusalem, Jericho, and Ramallah.

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Al Mishal Theatre in Gaza destroyed

With great rage and deep pain, ASHTAR Theatre condemns the brutal attack of the Israeli occupation on Al Mishal Theatre in Gaza which flattened the 6 floors building to the ground.

Al Mishal Theatre in Gaza

Al Mishal was the base of ASHTAR youth group in Gaza since 2008. It had been the stage to various productions of ASHTAR Theatre; The Gaza Monologues, Romeo and Juliet in Gaza, Hanin, The Flowers Garden, Hercules Children, and many more. The atrocities of the occupation had been escalating and it seems there is no bottom for their deterioration.

Anual Report 2013 of Ashtar Theatre

ASHTAR Theatre has been able to achieve its 2013 plan efficiently and effectively. The 4th Theatre of the Oppressed Festival was implemented during the spring focusing on the rights of children and women. The Festival was held for the first time in Gaza with the participation of two community groups that have been trained by ASHTAR Theatre. In the West Bank a workshop on "Rainbow of Desire" was implemented by the Theatre of the Oppressed Company of Paris. Furthermore, two professional theatre groups participated along with four community theatre groups.

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Theatre for 1000 deprived children in Palestine

ASHTAR Theatre has launched a new initiative to empower children. Please help ASHTAR Theatre to reach the goal, any amount will help. At least 40 people are needed to donate on line. So please go to the link below and donate what you can.

Theatre for 1000 deprived children in Palestine

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Ashtar Theatre - Psychosoziale Theaterarbeit in Gaza

Fast zwei Millionen Menschen leben im Gazastreifen. Das Gebiet ist seit 2006 belagert und gleicht einem Gefängnis. Alle zwei Jahre greifen die israelischen Besatzer Gaza an und hinterlassen ein geschocktes und dauerhaft traumatisiertes Volk. Alle Bewohner Gazas brauchen Therapie, Rehabilitation und Heilung.

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Take a five-minutes break and visit the new Gaza Monologues website

“The Gaza Mono-Logues”
A global artistic solidarity call

Thirty-three young people from Gaza believed in 2010, that they have a voice other than the cries of fear and the moans of frustration. A voice that can rise higher than the drone of war, planes that bombarded them day and night, a voice that says: “Enough!!! We deserve a world better than this, a world without fear, siege or occupation.”

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Die augenblickliche Situation des palästinensischen Theaters, seine Ziele, seine weitere Orientierung, Bestrebungen und vor allem die dazu gehörenden Herausforderungen

von Iman Aoun
Wenn wir über das palästinensische Theater sprechen, müssen wir auch in diesem Zusammenhang den Beitrag aller Palästinenser zur Theaterarbeit mit berücksichtigen. Gemeint sind die Palästinenser, die im historischen Palästina und auch die, die im heutigen Israel leben. Die Kulturarbeit hat das Ziel, im Gegensatz zur Politik, die verschiedenen palästinensischen Gruppen zusammenzuführen.

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