The Gaza Monologues
  • International Women's Day March 8 at The Freedom Theatre

    On International Women's Day, March 8, The Freedom Theatre welcomes you to a joint event by Al Kamandjati Association, Naqsh popular art troupe and The Freedom Theatre in cooperation with the Palestinian Performing Arts Network (PPAN). With theatre, music, film, dance and discussions we will celebrate the achievements of Palestinian women and highlight the many challenges that lie ahead of us on the road to gender equality and women's full participation in all sectors of society.

  • Save the date!

    April events at the freedom theatre

    April is a month with profound meaning for The Freedom Theatre and for Jenin refugee camp.

    In April 2002, during the Battle of Jenin, residents of the camp managed to hold against a large-scale invasion by the Israeli occupation forces, resulting in great losses and large parts of the camp being demolished.

    On April 4, 2011, The Freedom Theatre’s co-founder Juliano Mer Khamis was brutally assassinated while driving out from the theatre. Every year on this day, we honour Juliano’s life, work and legacy while we repeat the demand that those responsible for this crime be brought to justice.

  • Support the right to education for Palestinian children

    Could you donate to support our school bus?

    In August Israeli Occupation Forces demolished Al Samra school (along with its classroom materials) in the north of the Jordan Valley. The school was built in 2013/14 by Jordan Valley Solidarity (JVS), local Palestinians and international volunteers to provide the children of Khirbeit Samra and the surrounding villages in the Beqaa area with a space for children to practise their right to education.

  • ASHTAR Theatre International Youth Festival (ATiYF) – 3rd edition “Through a Different Lens”

    ASHTAR Theatre’s 4th year students, invite you to try together as youth to change your perspective towards what you see around you from social, political, cultural and intellectual issues.

    "We aim to look - Through a Different Lens - to help ourselves explore and accept each others’ cultures and different views."

  • The International Palestinian Festival of children theater 2015 Goal

    For the first time in Palestine, the International Palestinian Festival of Children’s Theatre will gather more than 20 Children Theater groups in Bethlehem to raise their vision, under the theme “Ensemble” an official event will be held by Inad Center for Theater and Arts in cooperation with the Palestinian Ministry of Culture.

  • Join the 2015 Freedom Ride!

    From 18th to 30th March 2015, students, artists and activists from across Palestine and abroad will join residents in some of the key sites of oppression and resistance in occupied Palestine. The Freedom Ride will start in Jenin and end in Jerusalem. The ride will include volunteer work, walks, interactive workshops and cultural events.

  • Diyar Dance Theatre in Dubai (March 12 - March 18)

    Diyar Dance Theatre will be performing its latest production “Out of Place” at “This is Palestine” cultural week in Dubai on Friday March 14th 2014 at 7.30 PM. This is Palestine aims to promote a different image of Palestine which has been distorted by media outlets.

     THIS IS PALESTINE is the one of the biggest Palestinian cultural events ever staged. Through hip hop, poetry, comedy, theatre, music, and a week-long exhibition of first-class art and design, This is Palestine will show you a side of Palestine you’ve rarely seen before.

  • Join the 2014 March Freedom Ride!

    - Resisting Israel’s ethnic cleansing campaign in Area C -
    Stand on the right side of history. Join the 2014 March Freedom Ride and add your voice to the global campaign to end Israeli apartheid and colonialism.

    During March 17 to 29, 2014, you are invited to join people from around the world and across occupied Palestine on a historic Freedom Ride in the Jordan Valley and South Hebron Hills. The March Freedom Ride will include interactive cultural events, workshops and guided walks. In communities subjected to home demolitions and settler violence, we will also engage in reconstruction work and protective presence activity.