Cultural Resistance Festival of Palestinian Theatre

April 4-7, 2018 - The Freedom Theatre, Jenin refugee camp

“My dream is that The Freedom Theatre will be the major force, cooperating with others in generating cultural resistance, carrying on it’s shoulders universal values of freedom and justice.” Juliano Mer Khamis


April is a month with profound meaning for The Freedom Theatre and for Jenin refugee camp. In April 2002, during the Battle of Jenin, residents of the camp managed to hold against a large-scale invasion by the Israeli occupation forces, resulting in great losses and large parts of the camp being demolished. On April 4, 2011, The Freedom Theatre’s co-founder Juliano Mer Khamis was brutally assassinated while driving out from the theatre. Every year on this day, we honour Juliano’s life, work and legacy while we repeat the demand that those responsible for this crime be brought to justice. April stands out every year as a period in which the theatre commemorates its resilience despite all the challenges and difficulties it has faced.

The Freedom Theatre invites you to our 12th anniversary event. The theme of this year’s festival will be 'cooperation' which has a particular resonance this year as much of our work in 2018 will be in one way or another collaborative. There are several exciting activities planned for the four-day event including theatrical performances from theatres across the West Bank, a chance for talks and discussions, a tour of Jenin camp and much more.


Wednesday, April 4:
12:00: Welcome and reception - meet and greet
13:00: Short presentation by Mustafa Sheta and Nabeel Al-Raee and a short film of Juliano Mer Khamis
14:00: ‘And Here I Am’ theatre performance by Ahmed Tobasi (in English)
16:00: A tour of Jenin camp
18:00: ‘And Here I Am’ theatre performance by Ahmed Tobasi (in Arabic)
19:00: Film screening of Arna’s Children


Thursday, April 5:
10:30 TFT Friends Associations meeting (closed session)
12:00 Lunch
15:00 Meeting with TFT Friends Associations to discuss next steps (closed session)
17:00 Theatre performance by Al-Harah Theatre


Thursday, April 6:
10:00 Historic walk in Jenin district
15:00 'Return to Palestine' theatre performance (in Arabic)


Friday, April 7:
Free time in the morning to visit Jenin city
16:00: Theatre performance by Ashtar Theatre
17:00: Closing speech by Mustafa Sheta and Nabeel Al-Raee


Welcome to join us on one, two or all of the days! Tickets for the events will be sold at the door. To RSVP, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Information on how to get to The Freedom Theatre can be found here.
Please note that The Freedom Theatre cannot offer accommodation or help with booking accommodation. Overnight guests can contact Cinema Jenin Guesthouse (email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) or North Gate Hotel, both offer 10% discount to The Freedom Theatre’s guests (make sure to mention The Freedom Theatre when booking).