Land ohne Worte

Play at Ashtar Theater at 27th April 2016.

War meets art in this intimate parable. The one-woman drama investigates the role of those watching at a distance in times of war and whether the value of art is obliterated by a brutal reality. A writer struggles to find words for her thoughts and feelings and takes on the role of a painter. The painter seeks the perfect image, but in K., a middle eastern city, she experiences the effects of war, violence and poverty, impossible to depict. Now she is forced to confront her lifelong beliefs in the value of art, and how to deal with her position in the world today.

Land ohne WorteWritten by multi-award winning author Dea Loher, recipient of the 2009 Berlin-Award of Literature and the Heiner-Müller-Professorship. A powerful piece of poetic realism from one of Europe’s most original, prolific and challenging voices.
The production premiered in 2009 in Edinburgh and has toured internationally since then.
As a whole, Land Without Words is perfectly knitted together, permanently and wholeheartedly in tune with the aesthetic principles extolled by its protagonist: bodily over beauty. The result is a gripping piece of performance that leaves behind thumping and insoluble conundrums, both ethical and aesthetically.

(Matt Trueman, Culture Wars)

Tickets are available at ASHTAR Theatre
Adults: 20 NIS/ Students:15 NIS
For more details contact 022980037

Played in German with Arabic and English Overtitles.

Actress: Lucie Zelger
Direction: Lydia Ziemke
Stage + Costumes: Claire Schirck
Sound: Owen Lasch
Directors Assistant: Nina Eckhardt